In the timeless tracks of Moberly-Jourdain

By Jim Birchall @BirchallJim

Versailles, May 2019.

An overcast, cool late spring day met my partner and I, on our day trip from Paris to Versailles.

Although i had been to Paris before, i had never made it out the grand palace and gardens of Versailles.

The place is on everyone’s’must-see list’, when they come to France, but the place had always been at the back of my mind since i read about the purported time slip incident many years ago. I had acquired one of that ‘ encyclopedia of the unexplained’, Arthur C. Clarke-type books probably via a Christmas present from someone who knew me well.

I read a story that documented the alleged paranormal phenomena experienced by two well-to-do ladies named Charlotte Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain. According to the ladies (in a 1911 book they authored under pseudonyms) they had experienced a ‘time slip’, essentially a rip in the fabric of time that ‘transported them back to the time of the court of Louis XV and Marie Antoinette.

Inexplicably they claimed to come face to face with characters from the past, dressed in 1770s garb, within an off-limits area known as Petit Trianon, a (small château) in the grounds.

Coincidently the area was again not open to the public when we visited. The debate over the incident’s authenticity had been debated by egg heads and skeptics alike. The ladies were painted as having overactive imaginations in an era where the word diversity hadn’t entered the common vernacular.

The mechanics of time slips and/or interdimensional hopping is better left for someone far more learned than me, and on this day, the only time-slips experienced was being stuck behind thousands of Chinese tourists on a guided tour of the apartments and Hall of Mirrors.

I did, however, snap the image above in Louis XV’s abode, which depending on how you view things, could be a ghost manifesting or a pretty obvious light flare.

In conclusion,i think Timeslips, concurrent universe’s or dimensions may be connected, and those ladies may have experienced real paranormal phenomena. In a place smothered in history as Versailles is, coupled with the theory its gardens are the epicenter of a collection of ley lines, gives it some plausibility.






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