The Hunt for D.B Cooper with Eric Ulis

In this episode, Jim is joined by historian Eric Ulis. Eric is one of the world’s leading experts on the infamous skyjacker DB Cooper. He has researched, investigated, and written extensively about the case over the last dozen years.
On Thanksgiving Eve 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper skyjacked a Northwest Orient flight travelling from Portland to Seattle. Upon landing in Seattle, Cooper ransomed the passengers for $200,000 and four parachutes. He then directed the jet to take off and head to Mexico City by way of Reno for a fuel stop. Approximately 36 minutes after departing Seattle, somewhere just north of Portland, Cooper parachuted out of the back of the jet never to be seen or heard from again.
Recently, Eric has been involved in searching for evidence in an area around the Columbia River in Washington, where in 1980, a boy found $6000 of Cooper’s ransom money. Eric maintains a theory that Cooper buried the parachutes, an attache case and the money at the same time, but dug smaller holes instead of one large one.
We also discuss suspects advanced over the last five decades, including the curious case of Sheridan Petersen.
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